This. This is the Blink-182 that I know and love. Post-Enema of the State the band were well known and had enjoyed massive radio play of their single All The Small Things, a track all the non-Blink-182 fans will know (and all the Blink-182 fans will hate purely for the amount of times it’s been overplayed). Take off Your Pants and Jacket is their fourth full length album and last pure Blink-182 album before they turn emo in their self-titled release and before they changed their sound completely on Neighbourhoods.

Released in 2000, the lead singles from this album made the bands career. Rock Show, First Date and Stay Together for the Kids are all well-known singles that brought the band further into the public consciousness. But within the Blink fan base many of their unreleased tracks have become legends as well. Opening track Anthem Part II is a fast tour de force of what makes pop punk, and Blink, such an incredible listening experience. The drums and slow guitar intro make you instantly think of the 90’s and the American Pie films. The bass takes a pretty major part in most of Blink’s verses and it’s no different this time around. The track is about teenagers breaking out of their elder’s expectations – something we can all relate to. First Date is a stereotypical Blink song. A song about dating a girl and the way a guy feels is well covered ground for the band. Travis Barker is on top form with his drumming being upfront on this track.

Never ones to shy away from being controversial and immature Happy Holidays, You B*****d is a 42 second track that tries to be as insulting as possible in a short space of time. It’s hilarious and horrifying all at the same time, especially for a youngster taking their first tentative steps into pop punk. Bassist Mark Hoppus, who’s always been considered one of the more brutal lyricists in the band, sings on this track with uncontrolled glee. Rock Show is another well-known track. Again it’s about dating a girl, but there’s a hint of the shape of Blink to come. The guitars and bass are still punky and distorted but more controlled like they are on Neighbourhoods. For those who haven’t seen it, go watch the video to this track. Best. Video. Ever.

Stay Together for the Kids is a track about a child’s parents that argue constantly and only stay married to show a united front for the kids. The guitar plucks softly in the background as Hoppus tells us the story before the load, thrashy riff kicks in and guitarist Tom Delonge takes up his role as co-vocalist. On my version of this album I got a free track. This free track is THE most disgusting, hilarious, insulting song I have ever heard. I can’t actually tell you the name but it involves something rude and a dog. I’ll let you try to guess the title.

I give this album 10/10. Buying this album is like owning a piece of Blink-182’s soul. They’re hilarious, dirty, relatable, energetic and it’s everything you can possibly want from a band. If you’re looking to try this band out buy Take off Your Pants and Jacket. If you’re not at least go listen to previously mentioned rude song and let me know your initial reaction.

For fan of: Man Overboard, New Found Glory

Download: Anthem Part II, First Date, Stay Together For the Kids