Welcome to the Rockhaq community. We’ll outline our top reasons to join the community while letting you know all about how you can get involved.

[divider]Safe Community [/divider]

The Rockhaq community is free to join for all students aged roughly 9-21. All we ask is that you log in once every six months to keep your account active. It’s free forever and we check all members are genuine young students before we approve them. This is why we ask for your social media profile addresses. If you aren’t on social media, please ask your teacher to contact us so we can check you’re real instead. Rockhaq community members will always be checked and numbers limited, to keep everyone safe. You should read our community guidelines too.

[divider]Win cash, prizes and Music Missions [/divider]

Number two on our list of reasons to join the community is exciting! In the past we’ve awarded Music Missions (gig tickets to sold out events, interview opportunities with your favourite bands, pre-release CDs to review) to our most dedicated and talented community members. We’ve also just awarded a £255 cash prize to Leicester’s best music journalists. Why? Because we’re nice, well-connected and want to keep rewarding young writing talent. Nobody is paying us to do this. If you want to say hi and thank us, we’re on Twitter.

[divider]Develop Your Journalism Skills [/divider]

Don’t just sign up and leave! Grow, compete, engage and get better at writing, editing,and journalism. Michelle Dhillon is the founder of the Rockhaq community and an award-winning journalist. She can either teach you how to be better through Club Rockhaq, or by coming to your school. Club Rockhaq is high voltage English tuition for classes of 20 students, in your city. Both options are face-to-face professional teaching sessions led by Michelle Dhillon.

Now you’ve read our reasons to join the community, join or find out more!
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