At first I thought this band were rubbish due to the fact that I didn’t give them a try to see what they sounded like, but then I gave Your Demise a listen and they just blew me away with what they had to show and I had to tell everyone about it. This five piece band from St Albans have many awesome guitar solos and riffs that it’s unbelievable to even try to learn them all! They also have catchy drum beats to help woo the crowd at a concert and get them going and a top bassist that fits in well with all of this to get the audience going. Try listening to The Kids We Used To Be (below) and you will see what I mean.

So far Your Demise have released four albums, all with hardcore punk excellence. For example, their album “The Kids We Used To Be” is great album. One of the best tracks that they have produced on this album is Miles Away with its intriguing guitar intro, an unforgettable drum beat and vocal techniques like no other. Another amazing track from this album is Teenage Lust, which has the same principles of outstanding music that Your Demise have already put forward on other albums.

Your Demise have toured around the world with many other bands that I love, such as Lower Than Atlantis and Enter Shikari. Your  Demise are of a similar genre to these acts so I’m sure that a lot of people will enjoy listening to them too. They have also appeared at lots of different music festivals such as Download Festival in 2010 where they played tracks from their debut album at that time, “The Kids We Used To Be.

Thankyou for reading my opinion and I know that you will love them!!