Opinion: Fetty Wap is One Incredible Rapper by sdirir14

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The name of the artist is Fetty Wap and this unbelievable rapper has hit crazy tracks. One of them called ‘Promise’ features kid ink. He has over 300 million views which is phenomenal.

Many people say he was shot in the head or something but actually he suffered from a disease called glaucoma and unfortunately lost an eye. This disability did not stop him from singing.

Opinion: Fetty Wap is One Incredible Rapper

A lot of people love him all over the world. He is a hip hop king of his entire state right now. Getting people like Jay Z and Beyoncé bouncing to ‘Trap Queen’ is amazing. His songs are all great to listen to. He gets me moving all the time.

Personally I think that he is an unpredictable person with lots of characteristics. I would give this musician a 9/10 because of his striking and advanced work. My last statement would be he is an outstanding and skilful musician.