We’ve had some amazing comments and feedback from college students and teachers about the Rockhaq school music journalism community – and we’re sharing some of the feedback here with you now. Team Rockhaq is currently piloting our new music reviews social network and blog with a few colleges in Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire and although we haven’t asked schools for specific feedback yet, we have still received it from enthusiastic students and teachers anyway!

Here’s what some of you think – and if you want to add what you think, log in and post your comment. We’d love to hear it, even if you want to suggest improvements, everything is welcomed 🙂

  • Student: This is the best thing I’ve ever done outside of college. It’s taking over my life more than Facebook and Twitter, it’s that addictive.

  • Teacher: “I was listening to one of my Rockhaq students doing a class presentation the other day and I stopped to think, “This is actually really, really good!”. This particular student has come a very long way with his literacy skills and is constantly adding reviews to Rockhaq, so I believe it’s made a significant impact on him already.

  • Student: This is SICK! I love it.

  • Student: I’m really enjoying Rockhaq. I’ve been looking for something like this for a while now. Just submitting a review to iTunes isn’t as satisfying as contributing to a proper community.

  • Student: I’m trying my best and I’m enjoying it, putting my thoughts of an album, song etc onto paper is fun.

  • Student: I’m very eager to join as I see music as my biggest passion in life and I feel as though I will make great use of this website. I am glad one such as this has finally emerged.

So what are you waiting for? Let us know what you think!