Boom! Did you know that 50% of our pilot students are using Rockhaq in their spare time, outside of lessons and some are even writing music reviews on Friday nights and at the weekend?!

Neither did we until we monitored their use! We’re blown away with these quick results, especially at a time when parents, governors and teachers are trying even harder to engage kids to write in class and to improve their literacy skills.

It’s worth mentioning that many of these students do not need to write Rockhaq reviews to meet learning or coursework requirements – they continue to add reviews, comments and engage with their Rockhaq blog simply because they love it and they want to be apart of an innovative new student music community.

We’ve had some brilliant and very flattering feedback from our students so far (in one case we’re held in higher esteem than the mighty iTunes!) so we’ve decided to add student comments and case studies on Rockhaq very soon too.

Team Rockhaq just had to share this good news with you 😉

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