You may be wondering where we disappeared to over the past 20 months.

As so often happens, real life gets in the way and stops progress, which is a shame. Team Rockhaq experienced a number of issues, from some of our team needing to have operations (yuck!), to figuring out the future direction of the community we’d created. We hadn’t planned for any you wanting to stay involved after college, or for the community to have been so successful in generating so many member reviews, which were both unexpected surprises.

We had no choice but to stop working on Rockhaq for a while, but we’re happy to say that the absence – and emails/tweets from all our members who wanted to keep writing – made us realise we needed to return. Thanks to all of you who kept in touch with us and want to carry on 🙂

So, we’re back – with some changes. We’re going to cut out the professional feedback you all got on your work last time, and you’ll also need to be patient and wait a bit before your reviews are published. Why? Because we have no financial support to run Rockhaq, so we’re all volunteering to run the community in our spare time. Rockhaq still has ongoing costs but we’re paying for everything ourselves because we believe in the project so much. Aren’t we nice? If you’d like to find out who we are and say thanks, you can do so here.

The good great news is that you can now use Rockhaq as long as you like, as there’s no limit to only being able to use it if you’re at school or college. We want to make the community a safe one though, so we’re letting you join by sending out special invitations – if we know who you are!

We’re doing this by asking leaders from music hubs, schools or other youth groups to contact us about joining the Rockhaq community. Don’t worry, it’s all free, but we would like a professional group leader to contact us, so we can make our community as safe as possible. If you’d like to join and have a music hub leader, teacher or other professional leader to let us know who you are, join here.

And why would you want to join the Rockhaq community? For young people, it’s a great platform to be able to express your opinions about music in a place with other music-lovers. Our community is safe but exciting, as your work could also win you music missions to undertake! In the past we’ve given our best writers tickets to sold-out concerts, interview opportunities with their favourite bands and more. We’ll announce our missions after we’ve had a chance to see what work you all produce.

For music hub leaders and teachers – the Rockhaq community is an incredible place where students and pupils become inspired and engaged to write, purely because they want to. Don’t believe us? Then check our case studies, student video interviews and testimonials to see the rather outstanding results we’ve achieved in the past. You might be surprised 😉

In the meantime, we’re all looking forward to reading your work and seeing what awesome experiences we’ll continue to have with Go forth haqs, and claim your bounty!

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