Recap: Nottinghamshire music hub launch. Improve student literacy skillsTeam Rockhaq were invited to our first event, the Nottinghamshire music education hub launch, hosted by Nottinghamshire County Council sports and arts department (thanks to Mark Done for the invite and for devising such a great event) and The Minster School in Southwell, Nottinghamshire on Wednesday 4 July.

We took along Rockhaq cupcakes (we were asked by lots of people if we made them, we’re flattered but we’re not that multi-talented! We have them made professionally by the best cupcake maker in Leicestershire who counts ITV1 and The Times among her clients), lots of postcards and business cards emblazoned with Phil Swift‘s awesome live images, and a netbook to play a slideshow of images, news stories, photos of students undertaking Rockhaq missions and quotes/testimonials from students and teachers during our pilot.

We have to say that all the attention and surprise we received from music teachers and music colleges/organisations was incredible and really unexpected! It’s the first time we’ve ever appeared at an event and to walk away with an overwhelmingly positive reaction to our Rockhaq pilot and the Rockhaq student community is really humbling.

We did not have one moment where we weren’t talking to visitors and were the last to leave the event. It’s true that Rockhaq is really groundbreaking and innovative, and in turn we know it won’t find a home at just any school or institution, but so many music teachers and established music organisations walked away with big smiles on their faces after talking to us that we knew we’d made an impact 😉

Also – we made such an impact with our unique community that Rockhaq founder/director Michelle Dhillon may be going back to host a CPD talk on music and literacy at The Minster School later in the year, so hopefully all you Nottinghamshire music teachers and organisations can look out for news of that. Ultimately though, this launch was a really brilliant event and one which other local music hubs should really look to for guidance on how to start providing quality music education for local schools and teachers. Let’s hope that this is just the start and that Nottinghamshire County Council continue to foster the growth of a connected, engaged and inspiring music hub.

In the words of Mike Skinner, Let’s Push Things Forward.

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