So how is everyone? Refreshed after the summer?

After our small break, we’re almost ready to launch our new full Rockhaq pilot website. Exciting!This will be here instead of our promotional site, which is what you’re seeing right now.

Don’t worry though, most of the current information is moving across to a new area on our new pilot site and we’ll be adding more news to this area throughout the year.

Drum roll, please

We’re pleased to say that we’ve managed to add a top ranking designer to our team over the summer who’s going to be making sure everything looks pretty on the new Rockhaq site.

Take a bow Tammie Lister; a very smart cookie who has come up with some cool new looks for us. We’re sure this will be the start of something new, fresh and fun!

We could give you a sneak peek of what’s coming up, so we have! It’s just one small part of our new look, a cute pass for your profile photos to sit in.

What else?

We’ve been pretty busy setting up cool music rewards for our pilot schools. More news will follow on our pilot launch shortly.

For now, it’s over and out.