Rockhaq is coming to Judgemeadow Community College in Leicester! Like Moat Community College, Ofsted say it’s a good school with many outstanding features. Judgemeadow Community College are the first secondary school to run Rockhaq music journalism workshops and use one of our KS3 lesson plans. We’re excited to see how this works and thank Judgemeadow Community College for their time and dedication.

We’re running an English literacy pilot at this secondary school that mixes Music Journalism Workshops, together with sessions led by English teachers. Teachers will work from one of our six lesson plans to road-test how they work and give us feedback.

Judgemeadow Community College Workshops

We’re holding workshops with a range of year 9 students at Judgemeadow Community College. Pupils are being picked from English, Music and Media Studies classes. Some have knowledge of writing music reviews, which we’re looking forward to seeing in class. Our workshops and the ‘road test’ of lesson plans will finish by the end of May.

Rockhaq founder and Journalist Michelle Dhillon will lead two in-depth workshops on How to Write A Great Music Review for Key Stage 3 students. Judgemeadow Literacy Coordinator Naheed Iqbal and English Teacher Azma Qamar will lead the remaining two workshops using the Rockhaq lesson plans. Here’s how our school journalism workshops are going at Moat Community College, to give you an insight into ‘real-life’ teaching methods.

By the end of the workshops, all pupils will have one finished music review. They may want to continue writing music reviews and share them on the Rockhaq community. The community is a free and safe place for students to share their thoughts and opinions on music. It has even inspired teachers to write their own reviews and opinions on artists.

“I’m excited to pilot Rockhaq workshops and lesson plans!”

English Literacy Co-Ordinator at Judgemeadow Community College Naheed Iqbal says: “I’m very excited to pilot Rockhaq workshops and lesson plans. I’m sure lots of our Year 9 students will find music journalism an engaging classroom activity.

“As some are already writing music reviews outside of school, the lesson plans will be a useful tool to teach the art of writing a great music review!”

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