Christmas is over but the generosity and goodwill continues on the Rockhaq community with news of funded journalism workshops! We’ve had several meetings with the lovely people at Nottinghamshire Music Hub – now part of Inspire Nottinghamshire – recently and are pleased to announce that they have offered to half-fund our Rockhaq music journalism workshops for schools.

This means that any secondary school based in Nottinghamshire county only needs to pay half the cost for a Rockhaq workshop led by community founder Michelle Dhillon. This is a great offer open to every Notts county school so while the kindness lasts we urge you to get your requests in!

You can drop Nottinghamshire Music Hub at Inspire a line about our funded journalism workshops here or get in touch with us here and we will help the process along.

Funded Journalism Workshops for 2017

Why run funded journalism workshops at your secondary school? There are many reasons to take up this offer, listed below:

  1. Rockhaq school workshops fit into the National Curriculum for English Literacy at Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4. All workshops are based on our unique, structured lesson plans, which have been tailored to fit into the National Curriculum for English Literacy.
  2. Rockhaq school workshops have a 98% success rate in engaging students of all abilities to write and continue writing their own music review in class. Ask Team Rockhaq for more information about this statistic.
  3. Rockhaq school workshops are all led and planned by award-winning journalist and community founder Michelle Dhillon, who is engaging with a down to earth approach.
  4. Rockhaq school workshops are a great way to teach students how to write a professional review – and to keep writing and sharing their work on the Rockhaq community afterwards. Several workshop students have been writing on the community for five years so far.
  5. Rockhaq school workshops are now supported by Nottinghamshire Music Hub, and there are other working partnerships and exciting events we look forward to announcing soon. Get your school and students involved now, it’s a great time for it.

We’d like to say a big thankyou to the support Nottinghamshire Music Hub and Inspire Nottinghamshire and are showing by making this generous offer. It helps us get 2017 off to a great new start for the Rockhaq community. Look out for more news soon.

Inspire is an innovative new cultural organisation launched by Nottinghamshire County Council. They are a Community Benefit Society that is dedicated to inspiring people to grow, learn and achieve with the help of our services. Inspire includes many of the major Nottinghamshire Arts services including Nottinghamshire Music Hub, Public Libraries and the Nottinghamshire Archives.

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