So if you could get three of the coolest and most creative music makers/producers of modern times in a studio together with no agenda, what would you get? Something along the lines of Do Ya Thing, certainly. This track really serves to fully showcase the invention and genius that Albarn has outside of Blur, in fact, that is and always has been the main purpose behind the Gorillaz vehicle and it’s done his credibility as an artist no end of incredible favours. Clever sod.

Albarn managed to coax electro punk heavyweight James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem and the original funk soul brother Andre 3000 into this collaboration and, quite rightly, we end up with a silly but storming number that’s littered with so many different genres of music that you’d be very hard pressed to list them all here. Hip hop, don’t stop.

Albarn starts off with his lyrically ludicrous, apathetic rapping under the guise of Gorillaz’ Murdoc while electro bleeps and jazz beats bounce around him, James Murphy cuts in for a more coherent chorus and Andre 3000 sends the song soaring with his velvety R’n’B vocals that get spliced with hardcore rapping. The whole thing is pretty schizophrenic and daft, but musically, it’s bold, kicks arse and for a random experiment, it’s turned out very, very well.

I could write loads more about this track and Gorillaz but I’ll end it here. what do you lot reckon? Let me know by adding your comments below.

Listen to the track below or download it for free via the Converse website. Enjoy!