Student Music Mission: Nicki Minaj, Birmingham NIA, 26 June 2012*** This mission is now complete:
The tickets were awarded to Ashton Bryan from South Nottingham College. You can read her Nicki Minaj live review in full here and she took another Rockhaq reviewer Khia Bianca, who also reviewed Nicki Minaj here ***

We have one pair of live review tickets to see the fabulous Nicki MInaj at Birmingham NIA on Tuesday 26 June 2012. These are seated tickets for a sold out show, so we’re Blazin’ at getting them.

These will be awarded to one of you, so you can go see the band with a friend, or another Rockhaq reviewer, and tell us all about it on your Rockhaq blog afterwards. Awesome.

If you’re interested in these tickets please add a comment below. When awarding Rockhaq music missions, we take into account your previous reviews, points, badges and general activity on Rockhaq.

We’ll make our final decision on who gets these in the next few days as the show is this coming Tuesday! So post a comment by Saturday June 23rd and we’ll decide who gets them! Comments will close at midnight on Saturday.

Good luck!!! 🙂

If you have any more music/CD requests or mission requests, contact us and we will try to make them happen!