Top 5 Love Songs By Men

It’s been a while since our last Top Ten list, but we definitely couldn’t let the power of love go unrecognised on the Rockhaq Community, so here are our Top 5 Love Songs By Men for Valentines Day 2018. This list is a bit different. As there are literally hundreds of great songs to choose from, we’ve focused on love songs written by men, to make it easier to choose our favourites.

Love, or the lack of it, always seems to provide plenty of fodder for musicians to write songs about. In fact, we’ve had a very tough time compiling these Top 5 Love Songs By Men, and they have been very personal choices. Have a read and see what made our Top 5 – and why.

Number 5: Nick Cave – Into My Arms

5. Nick Cave – Into My Arms, 1997

Although a very unspectacular piano ballad, Cave’s lyrics on Into My Arms mourn the end of two serious relationships, and sees him quietly telling a story of love and loss in a very moving way. It’s also one of only a handful of songs by Cave where there are no grisly deaths or violent, sinister scenes. He’s also said it’s one of the songs he’s most proud to have written. For anyone who’s ever loved, and lost, this number is sure to provide some comfort this Valentine’s Day.

Number 4: Kraftwerk – Computer Love

4. Kraftwerk – Computer Love, 1981

So, singing about loving your computer, or calling up a computer for a ‘data date’ is probably weird, and it was perhaps even more bizarre back in 1981 and well before the advent of the Internet. In fact none of the group had computers when this album was released. But German electro pioneers Kraftwerk were light years ahead of their time. Fast forward to 2018 and practically half of the UK uses dating apps to find love online. The interesting use of the minor key in this composition also creates an atmosphere of promise and alienation, reflecting the true mastery Kraftwerk possess over their music. A host of artists have gone on to either cover or sample this track in their own work too (See Coldplay’s song Talk).

Number 3: George Michael – Careless Whisper

3. George Michael – Careless Whisper, 1984

We can’t make a Top 5 Love Songs list without including at least one song about cheating and a painful betrayal. This number from George Michael remains an all-time classic and even though it comes with a cheesy video, both the song and its delivery shows that Michael wasn’t just a throwaway pop singer. This was his first ever solo single, and it displayed that he had genuine Grade-A talent, backed up with an incredibly soulful, majestic voice. Rest in peace, George :'(

Number 2: Oasis – Wonderwall

2. Oasis – Wonderwall, 1995

Although Oasis haven’t been featured on the Community much, you can’t take away Noel Gallagher‘s ability to craft a definitive 90’s pop song, and nowhere else is this talent more evident than on the Britpop hit Wonderwall. Although Gallagher later denied this was a love song written for his then wife Meg Matthews, the melancholy opening chords and addition of a string section elevates the track into something stellar. It’s also one of the key songs from their catalogue that showcases Liam Gallagher’s down to earth, ‘man of the people’ vocals properly, rather than obscuring them behind a wall of instruments.

Number 1: The Beatles – Something

1. The Beatles – Something, 1969

Number 1 on our Top 5 Love Songs By Men is not just an excuse to celebrate the genius of George Harrison, who is the most underrated Beatle, in our humble opinion. Something was written by Harrison, appears on the Abbey Road album and it remains the second most covered Beatles track after ‘Yesterday’. Although like Noel Gallagher, Harrison subsequently denied that the song was about his wife at the time (weird trend there), his confidence from the widespread critical acclaim this track won grew further, and he later began to explore the ideas of loving God and a woman. Something itself is just a simple, straightforward love song, with a catchy hook and subdued strings. Stunning.

What would you add to our Top 5 Love Songs by Men list? Let us know!