Top 5 Bonfire Night Songs

Hot on the heels of our Halloween playlist come our Top 5 Bonfire Night songs for you to arson around to ;P

Yes, fire, flames, and erm…burning stuff has been an inspiration for quality songwriting for decades now. And not all of it in a scary or sadistic way, although, rather inevitably, some of it is. Why not take a gander at the tunes that made our Top 5 and let us know what you reckon?

Number 5: Bastille – Things We Lost in the Fire

5. Bastille – Things We Lost in the Fire, 2013

Definitely the most ‘modern’ tune to make our Top 5 Bonfire Night songs, Bastille turn in a fine jangly guitar and piano driven pop number here. Although it seems inevitable from the lyrics that Dan Smith seems to be telling us about the breakdown of a relationship, some of it is ambiguous. The tune however, is a catchy one. Listen up!

Number 4: The Prodigy – Firestarter

4. The Prodigy – Firestarter, 1996

Probably the most infamous British song of the 1990’s, Firestarter turned The Prodigy into national icons and global superstars. Both the video and lyrics convey little more than a warped desire to start fires yet, despite this, both are insanely cool and, rather pathetically in hindsight, caused mass controversy in the UK upon release. Who would have thought that the great British public would find the subject of wilful, pointless arson so…incendiary? Big up The Prodigy for getting it bang on.

Number 3: The Doors – Light My Fire

3. The Doors – Light My Fire, 1967

Another ‘controversial’ song, due more to drug references than the use of fire as a metaphor for getting it on, Light My Fire is a bluesy, psychedelic musical masterpiece. Written by The Doors’ guitarist Robert Krieger, Ray Manzarek played the song’s bass line with his left hand on a piano bass, while simultaneously playing keyboard parts with his right hand. Teamed with Jim Morrison’s unique vocals, the radio friendly 3 minute edit of Light My Fire propelled The Doors to national recognition in the US. Well deserved.

Number 2: Talking Heads – Burning Down The House

2. Talking Heads – Burning Down The House, 1983

Although hugely influential – the phenomenal Radiohead named themselves after one of their songs – American art-rockers Talking Heads never achieved commercial success, with the exception of this single in 1983. It gave them a US Top Ten hit, and comes with a suitably weird video. God knows what the song is actually about, but it still sounds pretty awesome!

Number 1: Johnny Cash – Ring of Fire

1. Johnny Cash – Ring of Fire, 1963

Yes, The Cash makes the number one spot in our Top 5 Bonfire Night songs. Musically and lyrically, Ring of Fire wipes out all the other tunes. Although written and performed by June Carter-Cash at least a year before Johnny’s cover, it was his version that made it a country-pop smash hit. The lyrics give a dire warning of the destructive, all consuming power of love. Cash’s sombre vocals form a great contrast to the otherwise uplifting country-pop accompaniment, and give more emphasis to the utter devastation that love can elicit. Five stars!

What would you add to the Bonfire Night songs list? Let us know!