Why is my kid asking me to do this?

You may have heard of a little thing called the GDPR which is a new data protection act covering all EU countries, including the UK. As The Rockhaq Community is for teenagers and children, we inevitably collect data on any Community Member of ours who is aged 15 or under. This will include your child. The GDPR makes it clear that we need parental permission before we can do this, hence this form.

We personally think this is a good idea as it helps us get one step closer to knowing exactly who is using our Community, so we can be sure it stays safe and regulated. We pride ourselves with being transparent with all our students and teachers/parents and we hope you find our policies easy to understand.

Please read our FAQ. Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions for full information on who we are, what we do and how to reach us with any further questions, before giving your permission. You or your child can withdraw this permission at any time until they reach the age of 16, after which they are considered 'adult enough' to withdraw permission themselves.

Feel free to sign up to receive our Community Newsletter so you can keep in touch and see what activities we're running for your child and what positive moves we're making in the world of music education and literacy. Thank you for your time and permission! 🙂