Welcome to the Club Rockhaq After School Club, especially for young student music journalists. The Rockhaq Community can help you learn how to write and be a journalist. Any student can join our free community and get writing! But if you’re talented or are looking for a challenge and want to learn more, then our Club Rockhaq music journalism class is for you.

After School Club

Want to get better at writing reviews? You might think you’re great, but what do the Rockhaq judges really think? After all, they’re the ones with the experience, skills and contacts to push you to the next level. How about a career in music journalism? Why not boost your skills to become an editor or journalist? How about just being awesome at writing and passing all your exams with gold A* grades? Then our after school club is for you!

Who runs Club Rockhaq?

Michelle Dhillon is an award-winning journalist and the Rockhaq community founder. If anyone can teach you how to be more awesome than you already are, it’s her! Club Rockhaq is our after school club that offers one-to-one training in writing and music reviewing. We work from our unique Lesson Plans that have been developed to fit the English National Curriculum for Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 learners. Yep, we rock.

Here’s just a fraction of what we do:

Spelling, grammar: constant feedback and improvement House style: Titles, formats, correct use of headings, quotes, italics How to construct a winning review: paragraph by paragraph How to construct an awesome live review: paragraph by paragraph Editing, drafting, corrections and consistency Online blogging, using a CMS system, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)


Student Video Interview

Students love regular, detailed feedback from Michelle. A few of them mention this in Student Testimonials. This is the one thing that’s missing from our free online community: in-depth training. So we’re offering it again through our after school club. Michelle will lead sessions and give every student feedback on how to improve. We’ll look at topics like music history and discuss controversies too.

Why not hear what gifted student Sam Brookes had to say? Sam took part in our Rockhaq community pilot and received regular feedback and classes.

Community Competitions and Music Missions

If you take part in our after school club, you are also much more likely to WIN Rockhaq Music Missions and Community Member Competitions! We just announced a shortlist to find the best student music reviewer in Leicestershire. Didn’t know about it? Well you missed out on a chance to win a £255 cash prize! If you don’t want to miss out again, or even better, make sure your review next time is a surefire contender, then join the community and keep writing! The only way to improve your music reviews is to keep practising and writing more. Our after school club is the best way for you to keep getting better.

Only the very best Rockhaq community members will win our Music Missions. This is the way it’s always been. Music Missions are anything from pre-release CD’s to review, interviews with your favourite bands and VIP passes and concert tickets. Team Rockhaq are always looking for awesome writers to give even more cool stuff to.

In the past we approached Rockhaq community members to give these rewards to. What made us think they deserved them? Their work was excellent, they responded well to feedback, they were constantly writing on the community, they engaged with others and made this an awesome place to be. If we spot talented and active community members in our after school clubs, we will approach them to offer more.

Register for Club Rockhaq

2 hour session, weekly After school – between 4-6pm, or let us know what time you prefer 12 week (termly) sessions, 3 times a year Classes of 15-20 students Cost – TBC but cheaper and way better than boring English tuition!


If you’re interested, fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you asap. Team Rockhaq want to know if students would like an after school club in Leicester at the moment. If you are from outside Leicester, contact us anyway. We could help find other students in your area to team up with.

More questions?

We work with schools across the UK and Europe too. We have a selection of frequently asked questions for schools and colleges that you might like to read. Everything from our past and present is listed on our UK schools and music hubs page.

If you have any further questions please contact Team Rockhaq and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours during the working week.