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The Rockhaq Community | August 19, 2017

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Review: Tyler the Creator – Goblin

Review: Tyler the Creator – Goblin
Sam Brookes

Tyler the Creator is one of the most loved and hated rap artists in the world right now. His darker lyric content, strange behavior in public and unique backing beats seem to divide as much as gather fans. The rap collective he belongs to OFWGKTA (Odd Future wolf gang Kill The All) continue to help him divide that opinion with their music.

Before I start, Goblin is not your typical rap album. There’s no stereotypical guns, girls and diamonds in these lyrics. It’s about suicide, abandonment issues and dealing with internal rage.

The album takes place over 15 songs and has a concept of Tyler talking to a fictional therapist with Goblin being their second “session.” His first album B*****d was their first session and upcoming album Wolf being their third and final one.

The songs feel bleak and dark, anyone hoping for something to dance/laugh to like Kanye West or Eminem should put the CD down and walk away. Tyler raps about his disgust at his rising fame, his dad leaving him, his past falling out with friends and feeling violent and suicidal.

Songs like “Yonkers” and “She” have already been big hits in the US and his rise to fame has been underground in the UK with him selling out shows in minutes at small venues.

Some of the more frowned upon rap elements are still there, with Tyler rapping about hitting women, sexual assault, necrophilia and homophobia, however Tyler has always said in interviews he doesn’t mean what he says, this is one of the reasons many people hate him so much which is fair.

When I listen to the album I hear a 19 year old kid who just has angst with the world and his life and is singing how he feels. It’s like JD Salinger’s The Catcher in the Rye, but an album.

I give this album 9/10 because its powerful, dark album that I can relate to. However I knock him down for some of the lyric content which I definitely do not agree with.




  1. Dave-Watts

    I’m quite fond of this album too, I managed to see them live at Reading last year 🙂 it’s a very dark and twisted take on the hip hop genre in terms of its music, vocals and lyrics – a fresh change from (as you say) the mainstream face of hip hop.
    A very enlightening review though, I wasn’t aware of the album’s ‘therapy session’ concept/set up, again it just highlights the intelligence of Tyler’s approach to hip hop.
    I do agree that his lyrics can be somewhat disgusting, however as the Creator states in the song ‘Radical’ – ‘it’s ****ing fiction’.

    As a teacher I must point out your minor error – Tyler’s band is OFWGKTA (Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All).

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    • iamtheantilife

      Yeah I always mess up the groups name. I pretty much despise all hip hop because of the level of immaturity but Tyler brings this grown up, down to earth feel that I love

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    • Michelle Dhillon

      Great comment Dave, the last sentence made me laugh! 😛

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  2. Lexi Smith

    Recently had a look at this album and its immense! material i’ve never really heard before and completly agree with what your saying in your review! Hes not all dark though, his song ‘She’ Ft Frank Ocean is much different and more calm, the first song i heard from him actually.

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  3. IAmTheAntiLife

    I love “She” its such a mellow song if you can ignore the stalker related lyrics. Its the first song I heard by him aswell and I was really attracted to the deep, more grown up rap style.

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  4. Liam Franco

    I was watching interviews and performances of Tyler yesterday and I find him an extremist. His music is very low toned and aggressive after listening to ‘Yonkers’ and ‘Martins VS Goblins’. Yet to hear the song ‘She’ hopefully it’ll change my view on him as I feel he can have different elements to his rap. He’s currently got an up and coming album in 2012, we’ll see what approach he takes for this.

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    • IAmTheAntiLife

      Like I said in the review I can’t stand most of his lyrics. All the stuff about rape and beating women really aggravates me. But he said in an interview I read that his 3rd album “Wolf” will be more grown up with more beat inspired stuff instead of rapping. Could be a good direction for him. I really get the feeling that he and the rest of the band just troll everyone all the time.

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  5. Lexi Smith

    yeah i know what you mean, the video is quite stalker like aswell but is a good tune. I love music like his aswell, when it has a lot more depth to it it defines how music should be instead of fake artists parading round talking about how much money they have 🙂

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    • IAmTheAntiLife

      Tyler the Creator is one of the rare exceptions in the kind of music you find on the charts. Apart from Adele and Lady GaGa I can’t think of anyone else who writes their own lyrics on such a personal depth.

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  6. Michelle Dhillon

    Love the discussions going on here, I read all your comments at the weekend. Tyler puts me off his music with his lyrics and generally offensive attitude but I will definitely listen to this album now 🙂

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  7. Mike-Greenwell

    I agree with @Lexi-92, Tyler is writing from a personal perspective (or is he?! is he just faking?), but he sounds genuine. I think the whole album and its lyrical content should be taken with a pinch of salt though. Obviously, I’m not advocating anything he says, but the Tyler-psychiatrist relationship is extremely visceral and draws you in immediately. One of the rawest and most innovative hip-hop/rap albums I’ve heard for a long time.

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  8. Sam Brookes

    I agree most of the stuff he sings about is fiction like he says at one point but its still a little off putting. I just don’t like to think rape, beating a partner, murder followed by necrophilia is something that is funny but then at the same time he’s pushing the boundaries of the genre by being offensive. Its a difficult argument and I can see both sides.

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  9. Joe Doyle

    Bit late, I know, but I must say, this is a fantastic album! But I think most of the aggressive and disturbing lyrics are concepts. For example, Wolf Hayley etc. are all these ‘different personalities’ he has. But some songs, such as Transylvania, are based on historic events and what not. Infact Transylvania was based on a mass murderer from sometime in the 1900’s.
    Personally, I think he has contributed to music more than people might think he has.
    Also, Rella is the track that introduced me to OFWGKTA… The video was just too interesting to pass up!

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