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Album Review: Pink Floyd – Dark Side of the Moon

Album Review: Pink Floyd – Dark Side of the Moon

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Dark Side Of The Moon is the eighth album by Pink Floyd. It was evident in their previous songs like Echoes that Floyd were heading towards a more sophisticated musical direction which allowed the listener to explore the ideas of empathy that never seemed to come across with albums that involved founder member and guitarist Syd Barrett. It’s as if the band were beginning to stimulate and capture the imagination through their music as well as evolving into something versatile and truly revolutionary.

Dark Side of the Moon is a concept album that sees Pink Floyd articulate songwriter and bassist Roger Waters’ view on humanity. Dark Side begins with the track Speak to Me/Breathe which is Floyd’s way of unravelling what the album will entail. The ingenious heart-beat, voices and cash registers introduce Waters’ harsh perspective on humanity and the aspects that revolve around everyday situations in the world. It continues into the lovely Breathe where we hear guitarist Dave Gilmour & keyboardist Richard Wright’s heart-sinkingly gorgeous harmonies that make the iconic sound of Pink Floyd.

Time is based around the concept of how precious time can be. The clocks chiming at the beginning is innovative because of the daring boundaries that Floyd went to with this track. Nick Mason’s haunting drumming also adds another wonderful quality to the song. Waters’ lyrics are delivered impeccably with a touch of elegant poetry “Hanging on in quiet desperation is the English way’ just goes to show how Floyd can shape one person’s view on the world entirely in just one simple lyric. Rick Wright’s ingenious Great Gig In The Sky is a treat, not only because of Clare Torry’s memorable wailing vocal solo but the effortless composition behind the track which consists of a gorgeous chord progression. If this track appeals then Us And Them will leave you completely mesmerised. These two tracks depict Wright as an absolute genius for his time.

In Money, Gilmour expresses his frustration around the dual concepts of consumerism and greed. The track shows how rock songs are produced at the highest level. Brain Damage, which pays tribute to the ‘crazy diamond’ Syd Barrett, includes the lyrics “And if the band you’re in starts playing different tunes, I’ll see you on the Dark Side of the Moon.” The meaning behind the lyrics makes you realise that Floyd consider Barrett to be an intensely personal aspect of their music. Any Colour You Like & Eclipse both make the listener feel like they’ve literally been to the Dark Side Of The Moon and back!

Dark Side Of The Moon will remain as a timeless classic because of how innovative and unique it was for its time. The beauty of Dark Side is that if we were listening to this a thousand years into the future, the concept of this album would still be relevant to humanity as it was upon the album’s release in 1973, right through to the present day. It proves that Pink Floyd carved a certain niche in rock history which will remain untouched for many years to come. In essence they totally re-defined music with this album. For any music enthusiast The Dark Side Of The Moon is an absolute must.


  1. Michelle Dhillon

    Ok this is a classic, i.e. old, album and we do generally give preference to new releases when selecting Review of the Week. However, Mark has managed to put across exactly why Dark Side Of The Moon such a monumental rock album very well. In fact, I was worried that he might screw it up and do no justice to it. How wrong I was!
    He’s pinpointed most of the key tracks and analysed them, giving examples of sampling and what effect those samples have on the listener. Mark has also given some wider context to show why Dark Side Of The Moon was such a brilliant album for its time and why it still continues to be viewed as one of the best British rock albums ever. Well deserved Review of the Week :-)

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  2. Joshua Tolley

    Amazing review Mark. I couldn’t agree more with what you’re saying about Dark Side. More people really need to listen to this unique album because then they’d understand what rock music really is and not consider most music in the charts today to be even close to the standards Dark Side had. Well done for getting review of the week too, you really deserve it.

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  3. Sam Brookes

    Congrats on getting Review of the Week Mark :) Great review and I agree with Joshua, if more people listened to these legends they’d understand talent isn’t about having people write hits for you whilst you dress up in a meat dress.

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  4. Joshua Tolley

    True musicians write their own stuff like Pink Floyd did and many other bands from that era. These days, musicians aren’t true musicians because all they do is sing songs that have been written for them and it annoys me.

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    • Michelle Dhillon

      NO SWEARING JOSH! I am going to moderate this comment but in future make sure you do not swear otherwise I may have to remove your instant commenting privileges :-(

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  5. TakeABow30

    Firstly thankyou for all your kind comments :) Totally agree with the both of you, musicians today are not producing the same quality or depth to their own songs. Albums in the past provided a benchmark for music that was just simply unstoppable.

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  6. Sam Brookes

    Its so true! People always ask me why I don’t listen to the radio. It’s because all the rubbish on there has been written by some song writer who gets a quick mention in the cd booklet whilst the singer goes on to make billions. The song writers themselves suck as well. Swagger Jagger, Like a G6, Black and Yellow. Who thinks this stuff actually sound good!

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  7. Michelle Dhillon

    Haha, this is making me laugh so much! I agree with it all though. Can’t stand that LMFAO band and their awful tunes! What’s all this ‘sorry for party-rocking’ nonsense about? Funnily enough one of the best dance tracks I’ve heard recently is the Eric Prydz remix of Pink Floyd’s Another Brick in the Wall. I know it was released a while ago, but it sounds awesome on top quality speakers 😛
    Also – something I’ve noticed is that I *always* work a lot faster in the gym when they play a good old track from a classic band, like Motorhead or Pink Floyd. Why is that? Weird…

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  8. Joshua Tolley

    I didn’t know Eric Prydz had a cover of Another Brick In the Wall out!? I’ll definitely have to check it out. I don’t normally like covers but Eric Prydz has released some pretty impressive material in the past,

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