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Rockhaq | May 27, 2017

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Discuss: Engelbert Humperdinck’s Eurovision Entry

Discuss: Engelbert Humperdinck’s Eurovision Entry
Michelle Dhillon

I know some of you won’t care about Engelbert Humperdinck – or ‘the ‘Dinck’ as I like to call him – but I’d like to see what you make of his song for Eurovision 2012.

It may seem like a strange topic to have a discussion on, yes; it’s also a great opportunity for you to share your opinions! 🙂 Engelbert is a Leicester lad and after the comments @IAmTheAntiLife left about him last time, I think the rest of you will have something to say about this.

Public opinion seemed divided when it was announced that the Dinck would be representing the UK in this year’s Eurovision competition, but many of the doubters seem to be pleasantly surprised at the quality of the song that he will be singing. It’s been co-written by a songwriter for Adele and William Hill currently have this as the sixth favourite song to win the competition at 12-1.

So what do you lot think? Is the song as irrelevant as he is? Or is the song ok but you would prefer to see someone who YOU like representing us? Or do you not care because we are bound to lose as the rest of Europe hates the UK? Let me know below 🙂


  1. IAmTheAntiLife

    There’s so much to say… Firstly his popularity is centred in the states and since USA aren’t a part of the voting his colossal US fan base won’t be backing him up. Secondly I think the UK have almost entirely forgotten about him and I bet Europe won’t have the foggiest clue who he is.
    As contestants in this show we’re a joke. We throw everything we’ve got at it every year, occasionally writing something genuinely amazing and the other contestants vote for themselves and the countries on their borders. Every year some god awful, cheesy Yugoslavian song wins because all the western European countries vote for each other. This is the damage the Cold War has left on our world even twenty years on. It’s the reason Terry Wogan dropped out of commentating on it and it’s the reason I want to punt my TV whenever it’s on.

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    • Michelle Dhillon

      Thanks Sam 🙂 I agree that the UK seems to have forgotten about him, however he seems to be really popular in a few European countries and a lot of people think it’s a tactical decision to have him representing the UK this year because of that.
      As for the rest, yes, Eurovision is largely seen in this country as a joke and as contestants the UK is a joke. Why is this though? Britain is responsible for 12% of the world’s music market and we have a great musical heritage. Yes we send claptrap a lot of the time, but not ALL of the time. It’s just too political, which is a shame 🙁

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  2. IAmTheAntiLife

    I think that’s exactly why we never win. I think we’re so involved and dominating in every field, its their only chance to earn a bit of glory.

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