Coldplay’s fifth studio album release combines 14 cleverly crafted songs onto an album that all sound very fresh and modern. It is nothing like their previous albums and has a new sound and hints of experimentation with the help of Brian Eno who helped produce the album.

Starting with Mylo Xyloto, a short instrumental prelude that follows into Hurts like Heaven, an up-beat catchy song and ending with the peaceful piano song Up With the Birds, this album is amazing throughout and Chris Martins falsetto vocals are as soothing as ever. Mylo Xyloto is a concept album that tells a story and is based on a love story with a happy ending.

The genre of Mylo Xyloto is partly alternative rock, partly brit-pop and partly electronic. The album was recorded within two years, between 2009 and 2011. All of the guitar riffs, piano, drums and vocals are at the top of their range in this album and really pull the listener in with their unique sound, Guy Berryman is brilliant as usual on the bass, Jonny Buckland does some superb guitar playing, Will Champion plays the drumms at his best and Chris Martin’s vocals are as beautifully uplifting and haunting as ever.

If you haven’t heard of Coldplay and want to get into a new band, i recommend that you pick this album up today and start pleasuring your ears. I give this album 5 stars for the wonderfully crafted songs with the magical sound that is Coldpla