Album Review: Adele 25

Adele, as I’m sure you know, is one of the nation’s most loved female singers, and she has produced many well known classics through the years. With her down to earth personality and beautiful voice, everybody has been eagerly awaiting the arrival of her new album, and on 20 November 2015, 25 was released. Adele has managed to write eleven songs to feature on the album, and the results are amazing!

I have been a big fan of Adele’s for many years, and have always loved her music. Both 19 and 21 (her previous albums) have received a lot of love from all around the world, and her new album has been much anticipated. 25 was released one week ago, and I can honestly say I feel it is her best work yet. As usual, all the songs on the track list are powerful, emotive songs, and after listening to the album on repeat I can say I am very impressed!! The main topic of the album is how she misses her past relationships.

My favourite song Send My Love, the most upbeat track on there, warns her past boyfriend to treat his new lover better. I also love When We Were Young, with its lyrics:

“Let me photograph you in this light/
In case it is the last time/
That we might be exactly like we were.”

My least favourite track is Million Years Ago, which I find slightly too sombre for my music taste. Of course, the well known number one Hello features on the album as track one, acting as the first song you listen to after pressing play. Although I’ve listened to Hello numerous times, I still enjoy the melody, and recommend that you watch the music video on this review, which tells the story of a past relationship.

I love the fact that Adele writes all her own songs, and you can tell she has put a lot of thought and effort into making each song relatable yet catchy. Although the content is fairly similar to her previous albums, I feel that if she changed her style, fans may dislike the alternative, as she is known for her powerful and harmonic voice. In conclusion, I fully recommend listening to this fantastic new album, even if in the past you may not have been her biggest fan. Maybe this will change your mind…?