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The Rockhaq Community | June 28, 2017

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Album Review: Angels And Airwaves – Love

May 23, 2012 |

As everyone knows, Blink-182 went on indefinite hiatus in 2005. Vocalist and guitarist Tom Delonge started side project Angels & Airwaves which became a success with their debut We Don’t Need to Whisper. Delonge started to explore his music more adventurously than he could in pop punk act Blink 182. After the release of their second album I-Empire, Love is the third instalment from Angels & Airwaves. Read More

Album Review: Pink Floyd – Wish You Were Here

May 21, 2012 | 5

Student Music Review: Pink Floyd - Wish You Were HereIn 1973 Pink Floyd released their eighth studio album Dark Side of the Moon which became a global phenomenon because of how groundbreaking and different it was for it’s time. Dark Side was the album that made Pink Floyd attain legendary status in their own field. Now imagine you’re Marty McFly from Back to the Future, set the timer and location to: Abbey Road Studios, London, 1975. Read More

Album Review: Ellie Goulding – Lights

May 11, 2012 |

Student Music Review: Ellie Goulding - LightsLights is the debut album by Ellie Goulding. Goulding won the Critic’s Choice Award in 2010 at The BRITS, becoming the artist to look out for in that year. Florence Welch won the same award in the previous year, so there was definitely speculation whether Goulding could step up to expectations and prove that she would be the talk of 2010. So did Goulding steal the spotlight with Lights or did critics go barmy yet again? Read More

Album Review: Paramore – Riot!

May 5, 2012 | 1

Riot! is the second album by Paramore. Their predecessor All We Know Is Falling has become a sensation because of how well it was received by fans and critics. All We Know Is Falling was different because it’s innocent, emotional and very down-to-earth rock which made it appealing and unusual among the pop-punk genre. So will Riot! prove to be a worthy contender after All We Know Is Falling? Read More

Album Review: Billy Talent – Billy Talent II

May 1, 2012 |

II is the second album by Canadian rockers Billy Talent. The group consists of vocalist Ben Kowalewicz, guitarist Ian D’sar, drummer Aaron Solowoniuk and bassist John Gallant. The predecessor Billy Talent I was an impressive debut album which saw the band achieve success with hits such as Try Honesty and The Ex. So will Billy Talent be able to produce an album that’s even more spectacular? Read More

Album Review: Rage Against The Machine – Rage Against The Machine

April 29, 2012 |

This is Rage Against The Machine’s debut album. Rage Against The Machine releasing their first album in 1992 gave people with glow-sticks and outrageous fashion trends something to remember them for. It is this album that would make them Gods of this era because they sparked a new genre of music (Rap Metal) that was ridiculously exciting for its time. Read More

Album Review: Led Zeppelin – IV

April 22, 2012 |

IV is the fourth album by rock group Led Zeppelin. Formed in 1969, Led Zeppelin consists of vocalist Robert Plant, guitarist Jimmy Page, bassist John Paul Jones and drummer John Bonham. The band released both I and II in 1969 which saw them propel towards success because of what they had offered to music. These two albums had already set a benchmark, but in 1971 they would attain legendary status. This album would turn the face of music upside down…Read More

Album Review: Muse – The Resistance

April 20, 2012 | 6

The Resistance is the fifth studio album by Teignmouth super-trio Muse. This is the follow up from predecessor Black Holes & Revelations which is where we see Muse change their musical direction. Black Holes was bonkers because they had completely pushed boundaries and introduced genres that critics or fans didn’t expect. So will The Resistance please and tickle any nerves in fans to leave them surprised and overwhelmed again? Read More

Album Review: The Strokes – Is This It?

April 12, 2012 | 4

Is This It is the debut album by The Strokes. The New York five-piece consists of Julian Casablancas, Albert Hammond Jr, Nick Valensi, Nikolai Fraiture and Fabrizio Moretti. Is This It articulates vocalist Julian Casablanca’s observation of New York City life and the relationships formed within it. Eleven years after the release of Is This It, the album still retains the status of being a modern classic.Read More

Album Review: Blink-182 – Neighbourhoods

April 8, 2012 |

The kings of pop-punk, Blink-182, have returned with their follow up from 2003’s self-titled album, Neighborhoods. This is possibly one of rock’s biggest comebacks because of the sheer impact Blink have made on their ever growing fan-base. The band are well-known for their catchy songs and hilarious lyrics. Neighborhoods is far from being an album that revolves around the aspects of teenage life. Read More