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Rockhaq | February 8, 2016

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Album Review: Panic at the Disco – Pretty Odd

January 26, 2016 | 9.5

Instant classic!

Pretty Odd is the second album from Panic at the Disco. The album shows a drastic change from its predecessor A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out as it takes on more musical genres and incorporates a diverse range of instruments. The interesting thing that happened with this album in the pre-production stage is that guitarist Ryan Ross scrapped all of the original recordings they had and decided to start again, completely fresh. This daring decision could have smashed their musical reputation to smithereens, but as a result it paid off and proved how the band didn’t need to depend on a typical formula to be relevant to their fanbase. Welcome to the bizarre world of Pretty Odd!Read More

Single Review: Lamb Of God – Ghost Walking

August 3, 2012 |

Ghost Walking, the only single from Lamb of God’s new album Resolution, is definitely deserving of the attention it received from LOG’s loyal fans. The album itself is full of Lamb of God’s typical groove metal aspects, as well as pulling together lots of other genres as they’re known for doing. The album is definitely worth a listen to anyone who is in the mood for something heavy, technical and aggressive. Read More

Album Review: Agnes Obel – Philharmonics

July 31, 2012 |

It’s been a while, Rockhaq! Feels good to be back and it feels even better to be back with the chance to review a beautiful classical folk album. Released in 2010, Philharmonics is a number one album from Danish singer/songwriter Agnes Obel. But enough of the album’s history. The opener, ‘falling, catching’ is a very serene piano piece, which instantly introduces the album’s classical theme. Read More

Album Review: All Time Low – So Wrong, It’s Right

July 15, 2012 |

So Wrong, It’s Right is the second studio by Maryland rockers, All Time Low. The four piece named their band after one of the lyrics in New Found Glory’s famous hit Head On Collision. All Time Low broke out into the music scene in 2005 with their debut, The Party Scene. So Wrong It’s Right was the album where the band gained success and this particular album would become one of the best pop punk albums of 2007. Read More

Live Review: Blink 182, Nottingham Arena, 11 July 2012

July 12, 2012 | 1

Team Rockhaq believe in awarding our top community members pre-release music, concert tickets and interview opportunities with bands they love. We call these rewards Rockhaq Missions. Rockhaq’s leaderboard king of 2012 Mark Wong was awarded a pair of live tickets to see his heroes Blink 182 at Nottingham Arena and here’s what he made of the pop punk trio’s comeback. Enjoy 😉

TWO YEARS!” is what I should be saying. But this is hardly the case because mentally I’ve been waiting about seven years to see Blink after discovering their hit song Feeling This on the Kerrang! music channel in 2005. Blink 182 are without doubt one of the bands that made me keep saying to myself that I would end up seeing before I died because of how their albums and music videos resonated so well with every single teenager like myself. So after being rewarded with the Blink 182 music mission on Rockhaq I was ecstatic as this would fulfil a once in a lifetime opportunity for me. Read More

Album Review: Blink 182 – Enema Of The State

July 9, 2012 |

Think of the year 1999, probably best known as the year when people discovered glow sticks and night clubs. But more importantly do you remember three guys named Tom, Mark and Travis running around in a music video with nothing on? The three piece who formed in Poway, California started out in 1992 and go by the name of Blink-182. Read More